Tuesday, January 4, 2011

don music i'll NEVER get it NEVER NEVER NEVER

so chana and i haggled a bit over what to review today. she wanted rishon or sheni. since she knows them pretty well, i insisted on any of shlishi - chamishi. she chose chamishi (the easiest and shortest). she did well with it (especially as it's recent). then by the time we were nearing the end, she was getting short-tempered. and we still had the pesukim in shishi to do.

we took a break and i had an inspiration. i showed her youtube videos of don music.

he says "i'm NEVER doing to do it NEVER NEVER NEVER" and he bangs his head as he flops down on the piano. chana quite enjoyed it and we watched a few of them.

shishi was pretty screamy, though chana masterfully tried to contain herself. she remembered all of the phrases (so i'm happy to report that the paper visuals worked beautifully). i thought translating it would be tricky, but she did pretty well. she wanted me to read it and translate it first. but when it came down to it she remembered quite a lot of it.

i was hoping she'd ask questions like why is hashem telling avram to do different details. her main questions have been why hashem would put avram in a deep sleep. how can he drive off the birds. and why oh why does hashem want to enslave the jews in a land not theirs?

then we did rashi. i started a new rashi, inspired by my own post this morning. chana was not happy about that. i said we were having a break so i could go upstairs and nurse jack, but chana did not want one and followed me up with the chumash. i isolated 3 major phrases explaining about the parts and how it follows the way they made covenants in those days. i read and translated all of it for her. i left the 3rd part, about the fire and smoke being hashem's representatives, for after we do those pesukim (that will be in about 5 pesukim).

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