Tuesday, January 18, 2011

when your timetable is not your child's timetable

jack is napping. elazar drowsed in front of the tv (he woke up at a ridiculous hour this morning) and he's napping. i finally sat down to do chumash with chana, who had been resisting all morning. (after a big blowout about math last night, neither of us was eager to get back into what might be the ring). today's chazara was revi'i, which is chana's least favorite aliya because of its length. discussing how it would go was a bit of negotiation. i suggested a time cap (1/2 hr) and she suggested 15 minutes. i again said 1/2 an hr, and she said how about up to a specific point. i said half an hour, and she said ok. we made it through pretty happily.

then chana said her brain stopped working and she needs a break. which is fine. we still have shishi to get through, a new pasuk, and 3 rashis. i encourage her to take a break because then she doesn't get maxed out and things are much more pleasant.

BUT. now is such a perfect time! it is so peaceful. the little ones are sleeping. we can have focused, quiet chumash time.

but it's not a good time for her. if we push, it doesn't go well. so here's to hoping we have unfocused, loud and chaotic chumash time later.

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