Wednesday, January 19, 2011

we did chamishi and we are in the middle of shishi. chana has been having trouble focusing and concentrating these past few days, preferring to chatter in the middle. maybe if i had only her around and all the time in the world, i would go with that. by the end she gets pretty burnt out.

we took a break before rashi now.

chana was so sad that sarai has no children, that i broke and told her she will have a child. then she was asking why sarai ended up treating hagar harshly, so we read some more and she saw that hagar got pregnant. she asked why that would make hagar think lightly of sarai, so i read her the rashi. she didn't really get why hagar would think that, though. and then i had her read a piece of the next pasuk, where sarai tells avram she is angry at him. chana cannot understand why sarai would be angry at avram for this.

it's a lot to take in--the thread of the story and the translation of the pesukim.

i'm kind of dreading rashi. chana pretty much remembers what the rashi as a whole means, but if she translates the words as she reads she doesn't read it in hebrew, and she has to read in hebrew for pronunciation. i often feel like we do it so many times and there is very little mastery. (i think i mention this a lot).

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