Tuesday, January 25, 2011

today was a bit screamy. i take some responsibility for that, since jack was napping and i wanted to do it during that time. any time i'm feeling time crunched, i am not quite relaxed and chana, who had just meandered downstairs from a night's sleep likes a half hour to kick around. with effort, i made some nice small talk before saying "brush your teeth and eat something let's gogogo!!!" but truly it needs better effort than that. chana's brain was just not in gear. we started with rashi, and she didn't remember words that she usually does.

we started perek 16 the first few pesukim just spot checking words. then we reviewed, and chana remembered all the odd phrases from yesterday of seeing what she had already seen at the house of avraham. nice. and then she was not too happy doing new pesukim. but they were pretty easy. we compromised and did 2 fewer than i wanted to (i wanted to do almost til the end of the aliya, but we'll catch those on friday).

last nt she reviewed rishon with ari and it turns out she had forgotten a lot of it. so if my goal were that she would "know" fluently the pshat, we are not quite achieving that. otoh, i do think that the chazara is good because she does process the story better seeing it over and over. and i do think more vocab sinks in than the way we were originally doing it. so i'll stick with this.

i notice that nearly every day i label the post "emotions and learning." it is really astounding what a huge connection there is between feelings and intellect.

i hope to get to sheni tonight, but since chana is for once not reading this over my shoulder :-) i can say that if we don't get to it, it's not the biggest deal.

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