Thursday, January 20, 2011

so today we started with rashi so chana would be fresh. that went well for the first rashi, and we got into a whole conversation about whether or not hagar's life worked out for her as pharoah had hoped. by the second rashi kind of a lot was going on in the house, and it was an effort for chana to concentrate. but no yelling.

then we decided to do an abridged bit today. we started shishi from the new perek (hopefully we will get to the bris ben habesarim stuff after parkour). so it was only 6 pesukim. 1.5 of them were new.

chana pushed me to tell her about hagar and i ended up telling her that sara kicked her out and now she was a bit confused because hagar just ran away. it's hard to keep straight that hagar ran away now and was kicked out LATER.

chana just asked how come hagar came back? oh we shall see, chana, we shall see.

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