Friday, January 21, 2011

starting w/ rashi worked pretty well yesterday, so we did it again today. alas, elazar just learned to use the mouse and that was ever-so-exciting for chana. she kept getting distracted by what was on the computer. sometimes i feel like if i had a kid w/ adhd, how would that poor kid be able to concentrate on work when there are often so many distractions around. i felt bad because i was getting a little short w/ chana, when i probably should have been more understanding.

then we started, instead of from the beginning of shishi, we started from perek 16. (she reviewed the beginning of shishi w/ her dad last night and it went well). she did those pesukim, and then i decided the next few new ones were not too hard, so we would do a few. (chana says "they were hard."). i said we were going to do a bunch. she said, how many? i said, how many do you think is a bunch? luckily she said 7 because i only wanted to do 5 new ones (the 6th one has some tough vocab in it). so we did them. it was a lot of new pesukim, but not terrible.

then, for chazara, instead of doing rishon, i gave chana the choice of going over the new pesukim again (plus a couple of the old parts from the beginning of the perek). chana opted for that. but at this point she was pretty burnt out, so it was kind of screamy.

i wonder if i should stop before it gets screamy. but it seems to me she is still benefitting from the review even if she screams through it, and as much as she screams from pain, she isn't actually refusing to do it. so i am considering it as though she is screaming through a painful activity (such as exercise), not because she doesn't want to do it--because she does, but because it hurts. she used to do the same thing when she played super mario cart. scream in frustration, but not stop playing.

so we saw today that pharoah's hopes for hagar panned out. she was being spoken to by a messenger of hashem. chana said that she doesn't like hagar very much, and hagar is getting everything, and sarai is not getting anything. (it seems that the fact that the messenger of hashem told her to suffer in sara's hands didn't make an impact on her).

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  1. Ha ha ha... smiling. Stopping before it got screamy would mean my dd15 wouldn't have aced her last math test. And my dd5 would never learn to print. Handwriting without tears? We are lucky if it's "handwriting without NON-STOP tears." But as you say, she isn't refusing to do it, and indeed, her handwriting is improving - and she's actually proud of it, just as dd15 was when she called from school to tell me her mark on the math test.
    Keep at it - sounds like you're doing fine!