Monday, January 3, 2011

bris ben habesarim

so chana keeps having trouble with the pasuk where avram says "bameh eida"

with what will i know.

she keeps translating the "with" as "in" (it's a beis) and for some reason the "i will know" doesn't come naturally to her. so we went through that a few times.

(oh, first we reviewed 2nd half of chamishi just words she needed to review).

then i drew 3 baby cows, 3 goats, 3 rams, and chana drew a bird and a baby bird. and i drew some birds of prey and a fire and a pillar of smoke. (i took pictures but 1. they are line drawings and 2. they didn't come out in the pics).

the lashon of the pesukim was pretty complicated and chana was getting frustrated (for example: "and he put a man's part to greet his friend" is an idiom for "he put each piece opposite its other half"). i explained to her that that is why i drew her all the pictures--because the pesukim are difficult.

she liked the part about the bird of prey and avram driving them off. we acted that out with the papers. then she wanted to know why hashem would put avram in a deep sleep, and why he is so scared. (and she noted that in a deep sleep, avram would no longer be able to drive away the birds). i said to her to read the next pasuk to find out what the nevua is that caused those feelings. (though i'm not sure if the feeling was a separate part of nevua from the information in the next pasuk). she was quite curious, but feeling finished so we'll read it tomorrow.

we didn't get to rashi today. but i want to run to the library. maybe when i get back i can chap some rashi.

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  1. Wow - I'm impressed that you're tackling this and scared because Chumash is one subject I have always abdicated to the schools. By sheer luck, both of my big kids have always been strong in limudei kodesh (yay!) and I've never had to get involved the way I do with math etc.
    As an adult BT, my reading of rashi is slow at best (though I can still spot errors if my 16yo bochur is reading lazily), and comprehension is even further behind.
    Nevertheless, even having studied bris bein habesarim in a mikraos gedolos class for adults, it's a tough topic.
    I like how you made it concrete for her with the drawings. Kol hakavod!