Wednesday, January 5, 2011

olam haba

today we started with the rashi. she remembered and translated most of it. then we did shishi. chana finally asked why he split all the animals but not the birds.

we had a little confusion about the terror dark and great falling on avram. ie that terror is a noun, not an adjective.

we got into a little discussion about the afterlife when it said that avram will go to his fathers. chana: he has only one father! me: his ancestors. chana: he's going to his ancestors? but they are dead! me: it means he'll die.
then chana asked me what hell means. and i said it's the place where christians think people go after they die. and she asked what they think it is like. and i said fire and pain. and she said, but after death there is nothing. so then i said well what if a part of you that's not your body stays alive. which part? the part that can think about hashem. so then she thought you need to be thinking about hashem WHEN you die. and i said, no, just the part of you that is able to think about hashem. (then i had this image of chana thinking about a dead body, like a coma, with an active mind, which is a little freaky for a 9 yr old or even a 40 yr old). so i said it's not the part of you that has feelings like happy and sad. just the part that can think.
we'll probably need to have some more discussions about that.

then she did shlishi.

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