Sunday, August 1, 2010

mismatching words and definitions

so chana was going to the movies and i decided to get 10 minutes of chumash review in. i started with anochi mamtir. she still doesn't remember that anochi is "ani" so i showed her to take out the chaf. we'll see if that helps. she remembered mamtir was something about rain. she kept guessing that the words were "gather" and "baby/seed" but i started reviewing things more recent than those. so she knows that there are words that mean those things, but doesn't know which hebrew words match to which definitions. so we still have plenty to review. but it went fairly amicably. she didn't want to do a new pasuk. we did the second half, which was easy. i suppose tomorrow she will only want to do the first half, not the first half and a whole nother new one. and i must find a new rashi.

the new pesukim are coming up faster than her learning the old ones. maybe it's time to slow down and review. i'm a broken record. slow down and review, or keep going forward?

i think that the last couple of weeks of her shrieking and me practicing requesting that she keep a respectful tone of voice has had a positive impact on my soul. onward and forward to tomorrow!

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