Monday, August 2, 2010

the new rashi.

ok, anochi still wasn't remembered today, but at least chana said, "oh yeah!" when i reminded her. progress, progress, incremental progress. she did nicely reviewing the words and took a break before reviewing the pasuk from 2x ago. she fought me pro forma on the half from yesterday plus a whole one today. she was good-natured about it all, and it went smoothly.

i introduced a new rashi. 7:13 b'etzem hayom hazeh. and thusly began the shrieking. you see, chana is under the impression that rashi is just to be read and not to be translated. i have perpetuated said fantasy by my unwillingness to fight her and by often letting her off with a smooth reading. first she negotiated to do only half. i agreed. then i had her dissecting the shorashim of each verb. this was distasteful to chana, and by distasteful i mean she screamed. she asked if she could break her ponytail. i said yes. we soldiered through, her screaming, me asking her to please stop screaming, me not relenting in the demand for the shoresh. since believe it or not she was well fed and had enough breaks and not in a bad mood, she screaming was minimal.

i told her the backstory of the midrash. that hashem told noach to build the teiva 120 years before the flood. (please note: chana and i pronounce "flood" as rhyming with "rude"). she asked if that was how long it takes to build it. and realized no. we discussed that hashem wanted people to ask. i used the words from the previous rashi "מה זאת לך" which she recognized. and i told her how rashi says the people threatened to destroy the ark and kill noach. she didn't know why they would do that. i left that to her future comprehension of human nature. i asked if she were threatened, what time of day would she enter the ark. she said she'd sneak on when nobody could see her. as opposed to the main part of the day.

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