Tuesday, August 10, 2010

happy times

i was rushed this morning. as a result, i was a bit impatient and chana felt a bit bad that she didn't remember the words. i did a bunch out of order because i thought she knew most of them, then saw a couple that could use a review, and since they weren't in context and in familiar order, she had no idea what they were.

she did very nicely on the rashi. she read it mostly correctly, and generally remembered the translation. she did such a good job i only had her do it 2x. (remember, we are only doing 6 words). when we finished, she said now she's never doing it again. i said tomorrow she is doing it 3x. if she does it nicely, we can add on a another phrase.

the new pasuk went uneventfully. and chana agreed that she could use another chazara of the words since this morning didn't go so great. so after our errands we'll give it another go.

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