Tuesday, August 3, 2010

origami stimulus

chana was raring to go today because she wants to go buy origami paper. she begged me and begged me to start chumash (hmm, alfie...). we zipped through the review. making progress on the vocab. then we reviewed more thoroughly those last 3 pesukim. and then she zipped through the new pasuk so quickly, i told her to do another one and she had a fit. she said i said only one new pasuk. (which i didn't say; she assumed coz that's what we had been doing). she got through it pretty easily. we used the white board.

now we have to fight through that new rashi.

the interesting thing about rashi is that chana was crying that she isn't good at it. i'm not sure why she expects to be good at it (except that this is her personality--she wants it to be smooth and gets annoyed when she has to struggle). start off with a bunch of letters that are unfamiliar. add to that the lack of nekudos. and insufficient familiarity with hebrew for her to know what the words are without nekudos. then, on top of that, she has to break down shorashim or do translations. (and i'm not even working towards translation of phrases or understanding it as a whole. right now my goals are correct reading, identifying shorashim, and translating isolated words here and there that she is familiar with). she starts with nothing, and it is a slow process to even read it correctly. perhaps i wasn't clear with her that i expect every rashi (especially in the beginning) to be a long drawn out process.
i didn't bother explaining it to her because she was in no mood. i just asked, as usual, that she stop yelling. after shrieking obnoxiously that she didn't know the shoresh of הרג, i requested an apology after she saw that she did. which i got.

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