Friday, July 30, 2010

we're back

so vacation is over and chana is home. it's friday, and i often have an urge to skip chumash on fridays because i'm busy preparing for shabbos. add to that that we have a science class, and i have double urge to skip. add to that that i just had a week of not doing it, and inertia compels me to skip. add to that that in general i don't look forward to butting heads w/ chana, and i think i have a lot of reasons not to do chumash.

i think i see why people fall out of the habit of learning torah. not that this is learning torah. this is just skillbuilding so that she can learn torah in the future if she wants to.

anyway, i decided a grand review was in order. so we spot reviewed all the difficult words from the beginning of the parsha. it took chana only 3 sittings, and she knew most of them. our more recent ones she doesn't know yet. she was wonderfully pleasant. (see, it isn't me. i was the same as i always am). i gave her a 5 min break whenever she asked, and she did great. the new pasuk we didn't even write down and she kept the thread. she still doesn't know that רב is the same as הרבה. hmm, maybe i should write that down on the white board each time and underline the reish and the beis so that she sees it in another modality. we reviewed the rashi. all in all, a nice way to get back.

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