Thursday, August 12, 2010

another day

chazara went well today, the new pasuk went well today. we still have to do rashi. i was thinking how nice it was going, and decided to review a pasuk that we had done earlier in the summer that chana had found tough, that we spent a lot of time reviewing. the question being, if we spend a lot of time reviewing, but then move on, how much does she actually remember a month later?

well thus the screaming began. we made it through moderately well until we hit the words "mibayis umichutz" inside and outside. chana insisted she did not know the word, and i knew she did. come on, bayis? she knows it. it got a little escalated, and she decided to put herself into time out coz she figured she was headed there anyway.

i definitely raised my voice in that interaction. it is pretty annoying when she gets so insistent when i know full well that she knows the word.

anyway, she calmed down and came out an apologized (which is fairly unusual for her). then i showed her that the word "mibayis" is "from" and "house" and i asked for an apology. she said she apologized already. i reminded her of a discussion we had a little while back where she agreed if she was unduly insistent and then turned out to be wrong, that i was due an apology.

then she cried for 5-10 minutes about how this is extra work, it's not a good day for this, why does sarah get to sleep late, she cannot remember what v'kafarta means (even though she did it correctly right before she blew up), she doesn't want to do this, why does she only get a 5 minute break.

i decided that no matter how much she cried, we were going to sit there until she finished that pasuk. it's not unreasonable. it's not too hard. soon she settled down and did it. i agreed to give her a 10 minute break before we do rashi and a review of yesterday's pasuk.

it's been a while since she got that upset, and it's because i added on unanticipated work. i don't regret doing it. it's not bad for her to learn that sometimes she has to. (though detractors from homeschool would have you believe that there are no opportunities for a homeschooled child to learn these lessons :-P)

so i'm mildly disappointed that she didn't remember the pasuk smoothly, but i guess that would entail another level of review that i'm not sure i want to get started with. also, given the interaction between her emotional state and her intellectual abilities, maybe with warning and mental preparation she would remember it better.

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