Wednesday, August 11, 2010


today went pretty well. i was dreading it, for some reason. i just didn't want to do school. i wanted a day off. but i figured i have the whole day ahead of me, no major plans, so i would relax in the morning and do things i needed to do.

in general, i find that chana learns really differently depending on the time of day. i like to learn in the mornings, she prefers to learn later, the later the better.

chana was playing gamecube for hours today. i don't know what time she woke up, but it was close to 2pm when we finally settled in to do chumash. and she was playing animal crossing the entire time. (that game has a whole curriculum attached to it if i wanted to--economics, social studies, writing, botany/biology and i'm sure a host of other subjects).

so we started off reviewing. that went smoothly. then i decided to do the rashi. chana remembered almost all of it, which was a pleasant surprise. she did it 3x w/ no protest. to the point where tomorrow we will do it once and then move on to the next 6 word phrase. then i turned a page back and reviewed a few words from that page, and then i did a runthrough of our old rashi, which she read almost all correctly, which was nice. and she didn't complain about that. then a break. then the new pesukim. she doesn't remember them yet, but there was no complaining. i had her do yesterday's pasuk 3x after she did it once, and that nearly set her off, but luckily she almost woke elazar who had collapsed on the couch and she shushed herself. for yesterday's pasuk, which she was having difficulty with all but the last 3 words, i had her read the hebrew then repeat after me the english. we'll have to do that a few more times tomorrow, too. the new pasuk was pretty easy and went quickly.

had i known it was going to be so pleasant, i would not have dreaded it.

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