Sunday, August 29, 2010


tonight was one of those nights where i reminded myself of my infertility days so i would appreciate how blessed i am. 3/4 kids were screaming plus the smoke alarm. as much as i love alfie kohn in theory, chana was crying and crying about missing "the princess diaries" to do school. she had been putting me off and putting me off, and finally i said it's time. eventually i had enough of the crying and told her she has one minute to cry hard and then if she keeps this up it's no more tv for the rest of the night. so she sobbed and sobbed, and it was going so well i figured i'd give her another minute. halfway through she said, "hey, i thought you were only giving me a minute." then she settled in. she wanted to do the new pasuk first but i wanted to review since 2 of the words in the new pasuk were words from a few pesukim ago that she still didn't know yet.

i'm finding in general that although chazara is expanding her vocabulary more than if we were doing no chazara, she is still not learning the new words to my satisfaction before we hit the point where the list of new words is overwhelmingly large. my choices are 1) do more words of chazara even if it takes longer. 2) go slower and don't even do a new pasuk each session, until she learns the new words. neither of those is so appealing.

but it took me a while to get used to the idea of chazara all together. i'm not convinced it's really helping chana's vocab, and it is slowing us down a lot. but i'm not convinced it's not improving her vocab, so i'll stick with it a while longer.

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