Monday, August 30, 2010

makes it all worth while

wooooooo chana was ON today. she remembered every single vocabulary word. she zipped through it. she translated a ridiculously long pasuk. she asked incisive questions. 1. how come we don't live 600 yrs anymore? 2. how did the jewish people start? did a bunch of people just decide to keep kosher?

oh how i wanted to keep her in suspense.. i said if we keep reading, she'll find out. but she begged me to tell her. (rightly so, coz til we get there, she will forget the joy of the moment of this question). so i asked if she remembered avraham. she didn't really. i said hashem started the jewish people from him.

we just have rashi left. i think i have to pick another rashi for us to do.

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