Thursday, August 5, 2010


chana did her hour of origami in the morning, and because of a bunch of things going on, we didn't get to chumash until after 3pm. we started out fine. perhaps we should have taken breaks. but chana didn't ask, and it eventually deteriorated into a major shriek-fest. with a time out.

the new pasuk and a half went pretty smoothly because it was easy. rashi, done after a break, didn't go so well. even though i didn't really ask for chana to translate. the couple of times i requested the shoresh she screamed. and did comply, because i stood firm.

i pat myself on the back for some excellent parenting (or lack of atrocious parenting, which is really all i can ask for under these circumstances) in trying conditions.

i figured for next time in rashi, we'll do the first phrase 5x until she knows it. she screamed when i suggested it and said she'd rather do the whole rashi (which has more than 25 words). i really think it will be easier for her to do it in chunks.

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