Friday, July 23, 2010

follow up

well, that was not thoroughly uneventful (surprise, surprise :-P)

the word by word translation went fairly smoothly, because she knows most of the words. we had a bit of a tussle on the word "ha-ba'im." i wanted her to write down the shoresh and she didn't want to. and it was tricky, because it's a noun, not a verb. "the comers."

'asher bo ruach chayim' posed some challenges as well. firstly, chana has a tendency to translate "bo" as 'come' even though it means 'in him/it.' secondly, the literal translation lines up as "that in him wind life." and let me tell you, a cranky chana has no patience for that. i wanted to show her in the pasuk how it means that (has) in it (a) spirit (of) life. but no patience.

chana tends to translate the words she knows without reading the hebrew. as i mentioned a few times, i don't like this because it breeds no familiarity with the hebrew. but she is quite resistant to reading it. since doing it how i prefer (hebrew phrase, english translation) was becoming a bit of a who-will-win-this tussle, i gave in to her expressed preference that she do english, then hebrew. but now that is sliding and she doesn't do the hebrew unless she doesn't know the word. so then i ask her to read the pasuk afterwards, and that's not getting any happy points.

at a certain point, i stood up and told her that i'm waiting for her to be mature and stop behaving bratty. she requested that i not use the word "mature;" she is not an adult. i said she can behave mature like a 9 yr old maturity. she said the word mature sounds funny and please don't use it. i said tell me when you are ready to stop behaving in a bratty way. she said she was ready. and we went on.

i believe this whole thing took under 5 minutes. maybe 7.

these are pesukim that she doesn't really understand the translation of, but she knows the word by word translation very easily. i wonder if it is worth doing chazara for these or if i leave it alone, these kinds of things will eventually click.
hey, i know how to check that. i'm going to ask sarah to translate them. brb.
good news. no need to hock.

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