Wednesday, July 21, 2010

post 9 av

so yesterday being 9 av, there was no learning torah even though i'm sure chana would have suffered doing it and would have rejoiced not doing it. i didn't tell her that learning torah is assur on 9 av. instead i told her the story of r' yochanan ben zakai sneaking out of yerushalayim. she very comedically enacted his face inside the coffin as he braced himself for being stabbed through. i was thinking it must have been extremely nervewracking, and quite tough to talk themselves out of that situation.

this morning i have finally decided to stop all the reviewing. chana doesn't know all the words cold, so maybe i'm making a mistake by not reviewing. but the amount is getting daunting.

this morning she reviewed a pasuk that had 3 words she didn't know. happily, with context, she remembered them all. she is STILL having trouble with the "his sons" "his wife" "wives of." groan.

we have one more pasuk to review today, then a new pasuk which is thankfully easy.

and we are still clomping our way through that rashi. she is improving. and the good news is i had her review an old rashi the other day, and she read it beautifully. so far so good.

on another note, sarah and i had many interesting discussions on 9 av. yet again i see how all the years i spent learning with her and teaching her at home has had a profound affect.

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