Tuesday, July 6, 2010

pulling back and taking it slowly

friday chana agreed to do chumash in the car ride. it was an over 3 hr ride, so i gave her an hour break in the middle which was pure joy and delight. we decided just to review pesukim, which she did.

she said she was NOT doing chumash on sunday. so she didn't. monday i sat down with her 3 or 4 times and she reviewed again in very small chunks.

today she was in such a growly mood i was hesitant to bring up school. but then i asked her when, and she said in an hour. so she was willing when we sat down to it. we reviewed. she is still having trouble with some of the words: she finished her, on her side, wives of. so we'll continue to review.

her energy has ebbed. for a while she was in an upswing, and we were accomplishing a lot. now she's in a downswing. i have found with all students i have home taught that there are times when they are really focused and into learning, and times where it is pulling teeth. and if you catch the upswings and ride them, you can get a LOT done. and the downswings it's best to do the minimum. (for example, chana seems to have forgotten her multiplication tables. but if i wait a couple of weeks, she'll go back to an upswing and they will suddenly be back in her mind).

so she hacked her way through that rashi we are working on. since she's on a downswing, we'll continue chipping away.

my plan for tomorrow. review 4 or 5 pesukim that she knows mostly but is still having some trouble with. and maybe do a new one. or maybe leave it till the day after. and read that rashi.

she is still absolutely refusing to translate the rashi. but i think learning to read fluently is important. and i think she knows what a lot of the words mean.

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