Wednesday, July 21, 2010

it's only a phase

and chana just brutally shrieked her way through the chazara of this pasuk, and frankly it doesn't feel like she knows it any better than before chazara. and even though i skipped the previous chazara, i feel that she really needs to review a bunch of those words. i guess tomorrow.

as usual, i'm caught between wondering if there is a way to do this while making it more pleasant (maybe it's time to open alfie again) and feeling like we just have to get through and no matter how bad it is for her, the important thing is for me to not lose my temper.

i don't usually discuss these aspects, but this is not in a vaccuum. chana is losing her temper right and left all around town these days. it's a phase that happens to her periodically, which i wonder if it corresponds to her growth spurt and being hungry all day long. or maybe it's some emotional psychological thing. whatever it is, we have to ride it out w/ me being as pleasant as possible while being screamed at all day long, and remembering to be pleasantly firm about how i let her speak to me.

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