Friday, July 9, 2010

this past week

been a slowish week and my computer is broken. we've done reviewing, and i think 3 or 4 new pesukim. they weren't tough pesukim. but i like the review thing because i want her to be more fluent. today, instead of reviewing pesukim, i spot reviewed the hard words she's been having trouble with. we'll continue next week with review and more pesukim. i'm easing up on new pesukim. maybe one every couple of days. and sticking with the fluent review.

happy days, she remembered the shoresh means corrupted :-)

we did the rashi and are still hacking our way slowly through it. it's 3.75 lines and she's making lots of mistakes. fewer in the last 2 (we started backwards and are making our way up).

and so it goes. no major drama this week. a bit of whining when i asked her to do the rashi 2x and she negotiated for once and a review of an old rashi. one day she even giggled a lot. and she keeps remembering it fondly. me, too. giggling is way preferable to kvetching.

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