Monday, July 12, 2010

fights and giggles

today i made a real effort to keep things light, giggly, and fun. we started with our usual. i gave chana the option of when she wanted to work, she chose "later." then when later arrived, she asked how many pesukim, and the whining began, escalating into her speaking disrespectfully, and a timeout.

after a somewhat rocky start, we decided instead of reviewing whole pesukim, i would point to the words she's been having trouble with, and she'd translate those. she did that very nicely. then the last 3 pesukim she did completely. there were easy pesukim.

the new pasuk was so easy in terms of vocab, i didn't even pull out the white board. she translated ever so smoothly, but definitely didn't have the thread of the meaning. i reviewed the meaning, but i could see she wasn't really processing it. hopefully as her skills improve and she gets older, she'll be able to keep the thread better.

we took a small break to watch jack creep/almost crawl across the floor. one of the precious moments of homeschooling.

we are still hacking our way through the rashi. i wanted to do all the lines, but chana dramatically declared that she's not up for that, so we did the last 3. still need work.

tomorrow more vocab word checks, and a new pasuk. i think we'll keep it to one new pasuk instead of trying for more during the summer. and keep up chazara.

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