Wednesday, January 18, 2012

not all creative learning techniques come from the teacher OR listen to your students

today chana looked at the rashis and asked if she could do them backwards. i said sure. it made a huge difference. she blitzed through them while i made cappuccino and fed jack a lemon (aharon was asleep) and elazar played.

then we took a 2+ hour break. then i had her do shlishi. she does not want to review it anymore. but i don't think she has a good grasp of it yet.

she asked why hashem didn't tell yaakov that yosef was alive. (classic question). she said hashem should tell bilha, so she wouldn't grieve.

we did talk about yitzchak crying for his son. and chana said, but yitzchak is dead. there was a funeral. eisav was there. but i did the math with her, about yaakov being about 107 and thus yitzchak being 167, and him not dying til 180. so the torah is out of order.

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