Sunday, January 22, 2012

when questions lead to more work

today chana said she no longer wanted to review shlishi. since she did a decent job last time, i agreed and we only did revi'i. which means chumash took about 5 minutes. since it's sunday anyway, i didn't push her to also do chazara on rishon or sheni, which she knows decently. we also did only the last few rashis.

she asked, what happened to yosef? this reminded me of a rashi. this annoyed her. i told her we'd probably do that rashi anyway, since it's famous. she has been complaining lately that every time she asks a question, we end up doing rashi. since she finds rashi difficult, it ends up that i'm basically "punishing" her for asking questions. i don't want that, because i want to encourage questions. i don't want her to perceive that asking questions causes her more work.

otoh, it's so cool that she has these questions and rashi answers them!! it gives her a sense of what rashi is doing in his perush. but i get the sense that she does not appreciate that, since she gets annoyed that asking the question caused more work.

i'm glad that the pull of her questions is so strong that she continues to ask. but i'm not sure what to do about her complaint. i think i'll ask the orthodox homeschooler list.

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  1. It seems to me that in my dd's chumash class, someone reads, and then they discuss (in English) what the different meforshim say. Because it's a CLASS, it's not always HER having to read. So it might be a bit unfair if a kid was alone. Not unfair in any cosmic way, because of course, she's learning more and better, BUT it would feel totally unfair compared to a regular chumash class. So I wouldn't bail her out just because a particular Rashi is hard, but a regular system where she does some, you do some, then discuss, might be helpful...