Wednesday, January 11, 2012

other than rashi

i liked the layout of chumash today. we started in the morning during aharon's nap. we did rashi. i like to start with rashi, and chana likes to end with rashi. for some reason she didn't argue when i said we are just doing rashi now, and we did the big one from vayishlach about reuven switching the bed, and then 3 little ones in vayeshev.

then a few hours went by. we reviewed rishon by ideas, pausing on phrases or pesukim that i thought needed a vocab review. that went nicely.

then chana chose how many new pesukim to do. she looked it over and chose 3. i would have preferred more, but the new me lets her choose. or tries to. so she did 3. overall, a pleasant day of learning.

the pasuk says that they hated yosef because of...
and i said to chana: what 2 reasons did they hate yosef?
and she answered: because of the dreams and because of yaakov's favoritism
but we noted that the pasuk says because of the dreams and because of his words.
at first i didn't know what yosef's words were. i said it was what he said about the dreams.
chana rightly said that if he just had the dreams but didn't say anything, then the brothers wouldn't know. surprisingly, rashi says it is the bad reports that yosef brought to yaakov. i wonder if anyone else says something.

often, i find myself searching for other mefarshim who have a slightly more pshat approach than rashi to explain the basic meaning of certain phrases or pesukim. sforno or rashbam, for example. sometimes r' hirsch.

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