Monday, January 2, 2012

chana was absolutely astonished that reuven lay with bilha. stunned. i went through the rashi with her immediately. she asked if it was possible that reuven actually did it.

i think we may be over the hump in the tough parts of vayishlach. we do chazara but the words that she asks me for over and over, i just tell her and i am not really making an effort for her to remember them. i remember how hard we worked on "chaser" lack in noach, and it shows up in a rashi, and she still asks for it. i remember how i made sarah use the dictionary which she hated so much, and how i don't make chana ever do it. sorry, sarah. sorry i came to that realization after you were tortured for years.

as far as rashi goes, we are plugging away at plenty of rashis. chana learns to read them and she knows the general idea and she remembers the general meaning. she gets stuck on plenty of the individual words, but she is good-natured about reading the hebrew so i think she is getting a feel for the hebrew. i'm feeling a little not great about her reading always with the nekudos and rarely without them. i really wanted to teach her to read rashis without nekudos. but most days we spend so much time on chumash, that by the time we get to rashi, she is wiped out. we were supposed to have one day that was more rashi intensive. but it's so hard to get the chumash in between all of the other childcare responsibilities, that i haven't been so on top of that. maybe it's time to try to implement that again. otoh, we had chosen the rashi day because she was so resistant to all the rashis and now she does them. she does 3 or 4 rashis every day. sometimes more. mostly review. i have to be more on top of reading the rashis without nekudos. we've so far done 24 rashis in vayishlach. i'm not sure how that compares to schools. as far as quantity, i'm not particularly interested in her covering a certain amount of having a bekius of rashi. i'm interested in her gaining the skill of rashi reading and translating. as i often say, i'm not sure if what i'm doing is going to achieve that.

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