Wednesday, January 4, 2012

chazak vayishlach

i feel like some days i am doing chumash all day long. v'hagita bo yomam v'layla. this morning chana finished the parsha (chazak chazak) and did you know the torah attributes the mule to one of eisav's descendants?

then, after a break, chana reviewed chamishi for 7 min. she doesn't know a lot of the words and she didn't get very far.

then, after some negotiation, we agreed on 3:30 for rashi. i wanted to do it when aharon was asleep, and she wanted to do it later. i got distracted and we didn't get to it until 3:45. then we tried to do all of the rashis of the parsha (not in one day!) in the chumash w/o nekudos. we got at least halfway. i see the later rashis chana doesn't know as well. no big surprise there. so today was a pretty heavily intense rashi day.

we started wrestling in the middle (vaya'avek ish imo), thanks larry cohen! i have been looking for a way to be more playful about chumash. then i taught chana the game of "got you last." which she liked a lot. perhaps this is what helped us get through almost an hour (with playing) of rashis.

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