Monday, January 30, 2012

changing chazara method for a bit

revi'i is beginning to feel pretty long to both of us. even starting at pasuk 9, we are 15 pesukim (at pasuk 24) and they aren't quick. chana keeps asking the same words over and over. i wonder how many reviews it would take for her to do them. maybe doing as much of the aliya as we are up to isn't working. it's tedious, and she doesn't seem to be remembering the new words. perhaps doing only 4 or 5 pesukim a day, and doing them a few times until she is more fluent, might be better.

we only did one new pasuk and she probably would have been able to do more if her energy hadn't been used up on chazara where she already knows the story and found tedious.

then we took a break. rashi took 20 minutes with some complaints. a common back and forth between us is that it's too much to do, whereupon i say, "but it's been only 10 minutes."
i noticed today that instead of saying it's too much, she said that she knows it isn't so much but it feels like a lot.
despite her complaints, rashi went pretty smoothly.

i discussed the possible change in chazara method, and chana is reluctant. she agreed to try it tomorrow.

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