Sunday, May 29, 2011

something to work on

and we finished amongst some crying and bad tempers. she kept ripping the plastic tablecloth (we were sitting at the table) in frustration and i got annoyed that for the 20th time she still has trouble with sadeh and ma'ara (field and cave). i should drill her or something except that many times i drilled don't really seem to work all that well. but i dislike about myself that i give her the impression that she is stupid or defective for not remembering it after a number of times. it's not like she's doing it on purpose. this is, i think, one of the nastiest and most insidious things that i do as a teacher. and i would hate it if a teacher in school did this to my child.

overall, though, i did manage to keep my voice fairly even keeled. perhaps i should have let it go for today. but would it really be better tomorrow? i have to change my attitude.

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