Wednesday, May 4, 2011

so today we did 3 new pesukim and all the rest in perek 21. when we got to review, chana, though reviewing to herself, got very frustrated and begged not to and said she remembered it and cited many pesukim's translations by heart. it's very nice that she knows the translations, but i'm also interested in her knowing the hebrew words and their translations so that she'll know them if they show up again.

for example, in rashi today was the word "maasim." deeds. and in the pesukim she was supposed to review, avimelech says to avrahama "you did deeds that are not done."

anyway, today's rashi was a doozy. i decided to actually introduce it with the nekudos. chana definitely had an easier time that way. after a couple of days of doing it w/ nekudos and punctuation, we will transfer over to the other chumash so she can do it w/o.

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