Monday, May 9, 2011

we started off innocuously enough with doing the milim from perek 21. for the last 5 or so, i asked chana to do the full pesukim. we are in the middle of 2 new pesukim in shishi, and chana neared her limit. she forgot the word "chessed" so i showed it to her in 2 places where we had done it previously. she still didn't remember it. this got me thinking about how she probably doesn't remember a lot of the previous material, and i want to see if she can translate the entire pasuk with the word "chesed" in it (from shlishi). at this point chana stormed off to cool down. we've been working for about an hour and a half. jack was pretty distracting today. elazar is out, but jack's been both adorable and demanding. ah, and from the rustling i hear in the kitchen, it seems chana is hungry. though she did eat before we started.

for rashi, we went through the large rashi again of "b'asher hu sham." i told her today is the last day w/ nekudos and i'd like to try tomorrow without. i think that she'll generally remember the overall content of this rashi (judged on now, not the future). (chana made a good point that it's not even yishmael's future actions that were being judged, but those of his descendants). and she'll be able to read the easy parts of the dialogue. but the difficult parts will not stick in her head.

i'm fantasizing about unschooling chumash again. though i honestly cannot see how a child would ever be motivated to put in the hours it takes to build decent skills. when i spoke to a young man who had been entirely unschooled, he said he and his siblings expressed interest in learning to read and understand torah between ages 10-15. chana is currently 9; she'll be 10 in june. maybe if i left it alone she'd be motivated to work on it. i've made my choice and i'm going to stick with it, but it is tempting to just leave the boys alone until they beg me. if they do.

anyhoo, we still have 2 more pesukim if chana ever makes her way back here, and i will insist on that pasuk from shlishi, and then chana has about 20 minutes to review revi'i. it's a lot.

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