Sunday, May 15, 2011

we've been zipping through akeidas yitzchak. a lot of the words are familiar, and even with the new words, i've been supplying them and in context they are fairly easy to remember. i see that a number of words that she had trouble with in the past are now part of her basic vocabulary, which is nice. such as "bno/bni" etc his son, my son. she had so much trouble with that in parshas noach, and it's finally sunk in. also the plural of mountains used to throw her off, but now she knows it. things like that.

naturally there are still words she doesn't know despite our numerous reviews of previous aliyas. today i decided to just do shevii, even though she really doesn't know shishi or even parts of chamishi to my satisfaction. but i'm not sure that her putting in the extra hour really makes a difference in her long term memory, and it definitely makes things unpleasant.

i think it's like a pendulum. sometimes it feels right to let go, take it easy, keep it pleasant. and then enough time goes by and it feels like it's time to tighten up, get more serious, hit the books more.

anyway, chana wants a loooooooooooong break before we hit rashi. as usual, i'm wishing i had more of a plan regarding rashi.

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