Wednesday, May 11, 2011

yesterday we did chumash in the car on the way to gymnastics. my favorite, because it's a finite time with not too many distractions (other than feeding jack when he asks). i asked chana why she thought after avraham agreed to the bris with avimelech, he lectured him about the well.

she guessed an interesting answer (i should've written it down yesterday because by today i've forgotten). i said a good try. she asked me to tell her. i said no, keep thinking. she said, you're never going to tell me? that's right.

today instead of doing major chazara, we just started from shishi w/ avimelech making the bris with avraham. because i made her do 8 new pesukim today. which she was not thrilled with. but they weren't very hard. she rightly said, "but then i have to do them all again tomorrow, plus more." true dat.

i was thinking of doing the famous rashi on "he planted an eshel" but i don't know that she'd really grasp it. and there is a very long, not so difficult rashi, about how many years avraham spent where. so i said we'd do part of that. but we had to review yesterday's rashi (for the first time with no nekudos), and chana then asked if we can do only part of the new rashi, since it's so long. since she asked nicely, i agreed. and now she is on break. i hope to get to it today. i'm hosting playgroup for elazar in 15 min, so hopefully some time early afternoon.

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