Monday, May 2, 2011

today took 35 min for chana to do perek 20, because we just did the words she didn't know. we are making our way into chamishi, and chana started getting whiny. we just finished yesterday's new pesukim, and now i'd like to do 5 new pesukim that i think are not too bad. chana is sulky at the thought. so we are taking a break. jack is just waking up. elazar is out of the house. chana's preference is to do those 5 pesukim this evening. evenings are so crowded that i prefer to do it now. if only we could just do those 5 pesukim now, when it is quiet and nothing else is demanding my attention. but chana doesn't have the mindset for it, after working so hard. i asked her how long a break she would like, and she said 10 min. by then jack will be out and about.

we didn't do rashi yesterday. i'm often wrung out by the time we finish chumash, since i'm pushing chana to the limit, and i don't have the energy to push for rashi.

bli neder after this i'm going to draft a "goals" for rashi and figure out how to meet those goals.

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