Monday, May 16, 2011

today's chumash went pretty uneventfully, though chana didn't want to do more than 3 new pesukim and i would like to push her. we only did shevi'i, no review, so she didn't spend so long on it, but she was still burnt out. then we did a 2.5 hr break, and headed into rashi. she acquitted "b'asher hu sham" admirably. and was furious through the new one. she got through the words fairly easily, but didn't really grasp the concept. i'm not sure i'll go back to it.

i got annoyed when she started whining and negotiating how much of the rashi to do and jack started waking from his nap. i said firmly that i had been asking to do rashi since 1, and now it was 10 to 2, and we don't have time for this since jack is awake, and she knows that i get annoyed when she pushes it off and pushes it off and then jack is awake. so she was so furious she couldn't even read, and said she was waiting until she could do it w/o screaming. i appreciated that she was controlling herself. but in the meantime, minutes are passing and jack is wanting to come out. so i then said that jack is awake and she has to do it.

this is one of the tough things about homeschooling. all this talk about individual attention is great, but sometimes the siblings interfere and you can't give the attention you want. or the mom is frazzled because of something going on with the siblings, and it affects the learning interaction and it's not the student's doing. (well, this time it was a bit chana's doing. but if there were no siblings, there would have been no issue).

afterwards, chana stomped upstairs to sulk. she did a nice job, though.

she asked today if hashem would have killed avraham if he would have refused to kill his son. also, the classic question--how was it his "only" son when he has yishmael? this irks her.

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