Sunday, October 3, 2010

post chag

we got right back into chumash. chana agreed to do it now in exchange for me paying for a membership on some online world for her. (she pays me, and i use paypal).

how long how long how many repetitions does it take for her to learn new words? can someone just tell me? then i'd know and i would know how long it took instead of wondering why it is taking so long to sink in.

but of course, there are so many factors. she learns some more quickly than others. and some she remembers because of certain things. and some she confuses. and some just don't click.

anyway, today i told her we'd be doing 4 pesukim and she flopped and flopped on the couch before we started to get it out of her system (which was funny for both of us). she asked if she knew all the words and i said yes.

which she did. BUT she didn't remember aleh is these (like eilu) and she didn't remember toldos and she didn't remember l'holid nor did she recognize it in the form it was in, even if she would have remembered it, which she didn't. and she didn't remember banim are sons. coz she usually doesn't. so she was quite annoyed. let alone me.

some benefits of chazara. she was musing about "their faces were backwards" and she joked, does that mean their eyes were in the backs of their heads? and their noses upside down? and to smile they'd have to frown?

and she realized that slave of slaves was a difficult notion. because do slaves have slaves? good question. and how is kanaan a slave to his brothers? isn't it his uncles?

now i have to do membership and then chana gets a FIFTY minute break (negotiated) and hopefully we will get back to rashi.

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