Sunday, October 31, 2010

noach chazara I and II

never quite got to write up what happened when we started on friday. so even though i kind of thought that chana would get annoyed if we just plunged in and started translating, i couldn't really think of a better way. i asked her, and she couldn't think of one, and so we started. we did ok the first bunch of pesukim. she remembered a lot. then, when we got to one where there were a few unfamiliar words and i had her do it again, she got snarky. eventually she got thoroughly annoyed.

but we got through a fair amount. i would have done more with her but it was erev shabbos.

today, sunday, we sat down to do it and she has an overall negative feeling about it. i took out baby island and asked if i should read it. she said no. she started. she did again a decent amount. we made it a little past sheni. (and she asked what sheni was, and i showed her all the aliyahs).

she definitely does NOT know it 100%. but how well do i want her to know it? there are a few words that she didn't remember, like "zachar u'nekeva" species, command, gather.. these show up a lot so i'd like to review them. chazara chazara chazara.

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