Monday, October 11, 2010

part I

at a loss how today blew out of control. i was spending happy time with chana, and we agreed both last night and this morning that when jack goes in for nap, it's time for chumash. he went in, and chana sat down. i showed her the pesukim i wanted to do today. she did the first couple, which were names. the next 3 were all words we have done before. she started pouting and whining that she isn't doing a new pasuk with words.

as per our earlier discussion, i reminded her that she had 5 screams and then... i actually forgot what we had agreed. chana said i would take something away from her. was it all multimedia? (i wonder if i wrote it in this blog). she was getting very angry and i said she negotiated me down; instead of the 3 pesukim we would do one. i thought that was a decent compromise but she was refusing to do any. i said i do not understand why she is so angry; i think one pasuk is not such a big deal. she broke a keychain she was holding, told me that i made her break it. (this was something she hasn't said in a while). i said, i made you break it? she apologized for saying that (it's not that i want an apology as if she insulted me, as much as i want her to be able to recognize her responsibility for actions that she does when motivated by fury at others). as she apologized, she threw the pieces across the room. when she got to 4 screams she got up and left the room. so i guess i'm waiting now for her to come back. i hope jack naps a long time. maybe i'll give her 10 minutes and then go and insist, possibly started the cycle all over.

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