Monday, October 18, 2010

defeatist attitude, a bit.

rashi didn't work out so well. i thought maybe if she would just repeat and repeat the words a bunch of times, the pronunciation would sink in better. but it isn't. i even did each word/phrase with a body action (jumping jacks, pointing, gesturing, foot wiggles etc) to help anchor it. but 5 minutes later it's like her brain didn't process it.

so i said ok we'll just read it like usual. and she seemed ok with that. til she tantrummed and i put her in time out. and now we still have rashi left (oh and chazara, which i was half thinking about dropping today anyway since she reviewed all those pesukim) and she's annoyed and i'm annoyed and now jack is awake.

it just seems somewhat an exercise in futility that she reads the same rashis every day for 3 weeks already and she can't pronounce the words right. what am i doing wrong? am i not accessing her preferred modality? we did it visually. we did it auditory. we did it kinesthetically. what else is there? how can i get her to remember the pronunciation?

i know the answer with the remembering words is drill drill drill. practice, practice, practice. how do kids in school end up with skills? do they?

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