Sunday, October 10, 2010

didn't finish by bedtime

it was a glorious day and sunday so til chana and i sat down to do some work it was evening. she was chugging along beautifully but she really does need breaks. so she did her new pasuk just fine. and then she did it again when i asked her to, without a whimper or whine. then she plowed through the chazara. but then she had done a solid amount of chazara, and she needed a break. but it was 10 min to 9pm. and i sort of have a nonofficial policy that we don't do schoolwork after 9 coz chana would happily do work for quite a while to avoid bed. as i read that, i think to myself, well, is that a bad thing? maybe it's a good thing. ok, maybe it is a good thing, and maybe we will get back to that when i am sleeping through the night a bit more regularly and have enough brainpower to accompany her educational journey after 9pm. but nowadays i want to be done and her upstairs by 9pm (which is when she reads). and i know from experience that once i let that 9pm deadline shift a bit, it's hard to re-establish. so even though it's 8:50 and she could really use a 10 min break (and i can see from how antsy she is that a 2 or 5 min break will not cut it, since she's been powerhousing through everything and now she's saying it's too much and she keeps chatting about other things), i say that's it for tonight.

so i tuck the chumash into my pocketbook, and tomorrow when we are at her dentist appt in the waiting room i will try to chap 5 or 10 min to finish up these words. and we didn't get to rashi.

so tomorrow will be the end of this chazara, plus tomorrow's chazara and everything else. happily we aren't doing much else tomorrow so we can spread it relaxedly throughout the day.

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