Friday, October 8, 2010

so today i spent a glorious morning in the playground w/ elazar while jack napped and chana played at home. it was good spending some nice one-on-one time with elazar. it got me thinking that i could use some of this nice time with chana, without me trying to teach her. i hope to get on that.

anyway, then i cramped her new pesukim into the time right as jack was waking up. and although it was name heavy, there were also a bunch of familiar words like "gave birth to" and "sons of" which irritated her tremendously. i would have kept going because it there were a few more like that, but as frequently happens, i overestimated her capacity and stamina.

then we stuffed in some rashi. it's erev shabbos so i hope to get chazara in before shabbos. at least i can drill her orally, which i will. and i want to put on a couple of new words: ervas-nakedness of; iyay-islands of, and goy-nation. oh yeah, and vayishkon b'ahalei shem-and he dwelled in the tents of shem.

chana asked a great question. if kanaan lived separately from shem and yefes (we were discussing generally where their lands and the lands of the descendants were), then how was kanaan their slave? (plus she doesn't understand what "slave of slaves" means). good questions!

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