Friday, August 9, 2013

v'hagita bo yomam v'layla

Last night, Elazar came home from trapeze at 8:40 (40 minutes past his bedtime.  He can tell time, so he is very aware of when it is and is not his bedtime).  He caught sight of his chumash sitting around, and he said, "I forgot to learn Chumash today!"  So we pulled it open.  I started from the beginning again, since he's not fluent yet.  He is remembering some of it.

What we did broke down into a number of skills:

  • letter identification
  • letter sounds
  • vowel sounds (nekudos)
  • blending letter sounds with vowel sounds
  • reading the word as a whole
  • translation
  • reading comprehension
  • trope
When we got halfway through the word "elokim" (bereshis bara elokim), and he had read the aleph, blended with the chataf-segol, the lamed with the cholem, and the hey, he said, "elokeinu!" I said here it was elokim.  and that elokeinu is elokim shelanu.

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