Wednesday, August 28, 2013

overheard phone conversation elazar on phone with his friend

E: "hello?"
friend: "What are you doing?"
e: I'm doing my work!
f: what?
e: I'm busy.  I'm doing my work!
f: what are you doing?
e: I'm playing little alchemy.

Elazar hangs up the phone and chortles.  "I just made a fire engine!"

Little alchemy is...

Well, see for yourself.

It has no explanation so maybe it's better if I don't explain it.  I think it teaches some science facts, and some cultural myths, and some other things.  I didn't know Elazar considers this his work.  As Piaget (or Maria Montessori, or Bob Keenan--thanks, google) said, "Play is the work of children."  I do know that he's learning more than I can imagine.

There is also a page of official cheats that he loves using.

Example: Elazar said, "I just made a sloth!"
I asked how.  He said, "Clock and wild animal."  He has no idea why.  I asked him why he thinks those things make a sloth (years later, he will probably get it).  He said he thought "log" and "wild animal" would make a sloth.


  1. So I checked it out, showed it to my kids, and my 7 & 8 y.o.s spent 6! Hours at it today! And they plan on continuing tomorrow!

    1. thanks for letting me know :-) enjoy!