Tuesday, August 6, 2013

good to have no plan

So here is how the Chumash lesson went.  Elazar (age 6) opened to the first page and thought it looked like it should be colored.  So he went upstairs to color it.  Jack (3.5) asked for a Chumash, too.  So I went upstairs to get him.  Elazar was about finished coloring, so we sat down on the floor and opened up both the Chumashim.  Elazar opened to the title page and wanted to know what it said and meant.  It said "Chumash Menukad" meaning the rashi has nekudos (vowels).  We looked at Jack's rashi and Elazar's rashi.  Elazar said, "Right mine is harder because it has nekudos?"  I said, "Ok."  Because I didn't want to lie but also didn't want to fight.

Then I realized that the white balls from Hungry, Hungry Hippo were strewn on the floor, so I asked the boys to clean them up.  Aharon (age 2) ran to do so, and the others followed.  Then they settled back down.  I showed Elazar the first word and asked him to identify the first letter.  He said, "Beis."  I asked what sound he thought it made, and he said, "b-b-b.  Like B!"  Yup.  Then I pointed to the second letter, but he asked about the big aleph and the little aleph, so I told him about perek and pasuk and showed him on the top how it shows what perek you are in.  Then he realized that he was chewing his toy stethoscope and remembered I bought him chewelry so he ran to get it.  Then Aharon started listening to my heart and Jack started crying that he wants chewelry.  Then Elazar came back, and we settled in to learn some more, and I pointed to the next letter, and he said, "Wait!  I wanted to learn a little and I already learned a little!  So I'm done!"  and he put his Chumash away on the shelf and ran to the neighbors, presumably to share the exciting news that he just learned some Chumash.

Or maybe to show off his chewelry.

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