Thursday, August 29, 2013


Tonight, Elazar wanted to spend time singing the trope of the first pasuk outside (ie not reading it) until he learned all the words.  Every time I tried to correct him or help him, he told me he was old enough to learn it himself without help.  He did it about 8 times until he was satisfied.

Then he read the first word of pasuk 2.  He thought the tzadi sofis was an ayin sofis.  But pretty good.  And then he read have of "hay'sa" and laughed himself silly about hiya! like a karate chop.  I look forward to us encountering the actual word היה.

Chana didn't do Chumash today because I was in a school meeting ALL day and she was in a rotten mood when I got home and then she went to trapeze and now I'm going to date night.

I'll suggest she do revi'i but I won't push it.

I had a great idea today to tell her about square roots today.  I think she'll have a lot of fun playing with them and factoring out of them.  Maybe tomorrow.  Except I have to make Shabbos tomorrow.  Also, when I read the boys a story tonight, I thought it might be good for Chana to read it and see how her Hebrew reading comprehension is.

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