Sunday, August 25, 2013

my thoughts are not his thoughts

We've been on vacation this week.  A few times Elazar asked about his Chumash and was disappointed that we forgot it.  And a couple of times Chana told me her stomach hurt when she thought about doing Chumash.  Hey, isn't homeschooling supposed to prevent schoolitis stomachaches?  Am I doing something wrong?  Maybe.  I guess we will see how Chumash goes and make a plan to change things around, if things aren't working.

Tonight Elazar ran to get his Chumash before bed.  We reviewed reading, trope, translation of the first 3 words of the first pasuk.  He still doesn't remember the nekudos or how to blend very well.  He does remember the words and what they mean.

It's odd to me to not go "in order."  First, he should learn how to read using the aleph bina.  Then he should do R' Winder books.  Then he should open the Chumash.  But who am I to tell a child, no, I will not teach him Chumash.  Chumash is what he wants and Chumash is what I will teach.

He was a bit impatient to move on past those 3 words.  I explained to him about "chazara," which he has heard Chana do.  He was actually pretty enthusiastic about the idea of reviewing so that he'll remember it.  Especially considering an article brought to my attention recently about how children who consider themselves "smart" are disinclined to work hard at things they aren't naturally good at.

So Chana tomorrow.  We'll see how it goes.

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