Tuesday, October 25, 2011

who wants to do chumash on a lazy day?
finally we have nothing going on today. one would argue perhaps that it's a great day to focus on chumash. lots of time and lots of time for breaks.

otoh, i'd rather do nothing and have no responsibilities. . .

anyway, when jack went in for a nap we did part of chamishi. a double review of the pesukim she's been doing with so many hard new words. she decided to do the ones i wanted to do twice, then the new ones. she was in a good mood. we did one new rashi trying to untangle what yaakov was doing with the sheep. then we did the new pesukim and she got kind of defeated. i think because the last of the old pesukim i made her do 3x, and she said, "you said only 2x" and i said i didn't say ONLY twice, i just said twice, but she needs another go. and she got truculent and then i said i'm counting to 10 and taking away your DS for the rest of the day. i don't love threatening but it's effective. she said i was mean and i agreed with her. the new pesukim went pretty straightforwardly. it's still ages to go til the end of this aliyah. it's been a looooooooong time.

left today is rashi (the review of the 4) and chazara of the beginning of chamishi. i'm wiped.

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