Thursday, October 6, 2011

we started w/ revi'i today on the way to parkour. there were only a few pesukim that we had done, and chana continued merrily on for a bunch of pesukim before she realized we were in the middle of new ones. they were leah's children. she mentioned a couple of times that rachel hadn't actually taken leah's husband, and how they all had to wait turns for their husband. on the way home, she wanted a break from car chumash. (we don't homeschool, we carschool ;)

so at home, she did sheni to herself, which is pretty short except i noticed she still doesn't know those few words she didn't know last time. and she probably won't learn them unless we do some more serious review of just those pesukim, which maybe i should consider doing.

then we did rashi. review of yaakov talking to the shepherds, which she acquitted gracefully, in the one w/ no nekudos. and 2 w/ nekudos. minimal whining about how it's not rashi day. whole thing done pretty quickly, though.

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